When will new orders be ready to ship?

We've already shipped out over 1000 orders, and are still going strong! We've nailed down the manufacturing, assembly, testing, and shipping process now, and we have stock of gimbals at the moment, so new orders are processed and shipped almost immediately (within 0-2 business days). We're in the middle of another production batch now, so we intend on having an uninterrupted supply moving forward.

Can you indicate a low value on the customs declaration?

No. This is illegal, and can result in both Rotorpixel and yourself being hit with heavy fines, which are above and beyond the standard import tax/fees for your country. If you know someone in Canada/USA who you'd like your package sent to instead, so that they can forward it to you internationally, then please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Can the camera be pointed straight down?

Yes. By default, the camera can be manually tilted from the horizon, all the way straight down, using the smartphone application interface.

Can I use the 7th channel to manually control the tilt?

Yes. However, to do so, you need to follow the instructions found HERE. Enabling the 7th channel means that the tilt function through the smartphone application will be disabled. All other touch screen functions remain the same, but you need to decide which tilt method you would prefer - the 7th channel OR the touch interface. The tilt lever for the back of the transmitter is NOT included. UPDATE: The new controller from DJI, which has a 7th channel slider wheel, has been confirmed to work with the Rotorpixel gimbal, without the need for any "hacks". 

How easy is it to install?

Very! You don't need any special training, soldering irons, or to open the Phantom 2 Vision body - our system is plug-and-play. Take a look at the installation instructions HERE.

Is the video transmission distance affected? If so, how much?

One of the motors does partially cover one of the antennas inside the FC200 camera, so video transmission distance will be degraded coming from one side of the camera by some amount (proper range tests have not been done yet). However, in many of our tests, we've found that the main transmitter control signal (5.8GHz) is usually lost well before the video signal is lost. 

If the live video feed temporarily stalls while within range, all wifi functions will remain in operation (start/stop recording, photos, camera tilt, image review, etc.). By simply pressing the "back" button, then re-entering the camera, the live feed will usually be restarted. (Unless you’re out of range).

Also, we've found that iPhones and iPads are far less prone to video stalls, likely due to a different wifi protocol being used. Stalls are usually automatically rectified using apple products in our tests, but your results may vary.

How will your gimbal affect flight times?

We've successfully flown 19 minute flight times with the gimbal attached, running the battery down from 95% to 5%. However, this is not healthy for your batteries on every flight, so fly as long or as short as you feel is safe.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes. We will ship anywhere that Canada Post and Fedex will deliver. If you would like to use a different courier service, please send us an email with the request and we'll do our best to accommodate.

How much is the shipping cost to my area?

Please begin the order process, and enter your address information, and you will automatically see the shipping rates, and rough delivery times for each service.

What currency am I being charged?

In an effort to save the majority of our customers money, all prices are in USD.

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