Phantom 2 Vision 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal

Professional-Quality Camera Stabilizer

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Custom quick-release Vision camera mounting bracket

Installing and removing the Vision camera into our gimbal couldn't be any easier. Using low-weight, high-strength ABS-Plus plastic, we've custom-designed a mounting bracket which maintains a firm grasp on the camera, regardless of how hard you're flying the Phantom.



Pre-balanced for the Vision camera

We've perfectly balanced the Vision camera around both the roll and pitch axes, which drastically reduces the amount of power that the motors need to be fed for proper camera stabilization. Just install the camera, and fly!


Rotorpixel Phantom 2 Vision Gimbal - 3.jpg

Precision CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminum

No expense was spared when it came to frame design - we used lightweight ultra-high strength aluminum for the main structural components, to ensure complete rigidity, and to minimize overall weight of the system.



Powerful, highly efficient brushless gimbal motors

Our gimbal motors are capable of stabilizing cameras almost 4 times the weight of the Vision camera, so there's no chance that they will burn out, or have trouble dealing with the added weight of lens/filter accessories.



Up to 18 minute flight times maintained

We've successfully completed test flights over 18 minutes in length, compared to around 20-23 minutes without our gimbal installed.


lock edit.jpg

Official AlexMos/Basecam gimbal control board w/protective case

We chose to use the famous, and extremely versatile AlexMos/Basecam gimbal control board as the "brain" of our system. If you decide to purchase a different gimbal in the future, this multi-purpose control board can be removed and installed in just about any other gimbal out there... saving you money in the long run! We custom-designed a protective case for this board, to ensure its long-term safety, if/when you crash.

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Simple plug-and-play installation

No soldering. No disassembling the Phantom frame. Simply detach the Vision camera, attach our gimbal, and plug in 2 cables, and you're ready to fly! It really couldn't be any easier.


DJI App.jpg

100% compatible with the Phantom 2 Vision smartphone application

All camera functions remain unchanged with our gimbal installed, including fully manual tilt-control. In fact, since our gimbal allows the camera to point straight downward, you can finally get a true bird's eye view from your Phantom 2 Vision - all while stabilization is still occurring.

3 axis.jpg

Future 3rd-axis upgrade kit

2-axis gimbals effectively stabilize both pitch and roll movement, but the yaw axis is still prone to jerky control stick input from inexperienced pilots. We have the technology to stabilize the 3rd axis, so it's just a matter of time before we finish developing a simple, elegant, and easy-to-use upgrade package which will interface with our existing 2-axis gimbal.

GoPro Hero.jpg

Compatible with GoPro Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 3+ cameras, and more

Are you thinking about upgrading to a different aerial vehicle in the near future? Well, rest assured that our gimbal can come along for your journey. Using our modular camera mounting system, GoPro Hero 2, 3, and 3+ cameras can all be mounted with ease, and our vibration isolation plates facilitate direct mounting to most popular air frames. Simply detach the Vision mount, install the appropriate camera mount (sold separately), balance the roll axis, and fly away!


No propellers in the camera view

We've taken great care to position the camera as low as possible, and very far forward, to minimize the chance of propellers entering the camera's field of view - even when pointed almost horizontally.



Use camera filters without concern

Feel free to attach the DJI filter holder, and your favorite circular polarizer, neutral density filter, or UV filter.... or all of the above! The pitch and roll axes are both adjustable, so precise balance can almost always be achieved.


Unconstrained range of motion

Our gimbal keeps the Vision camera stabilized in even the most aggressive flying situations. The camera is free to rotate +/- 90 degrees in both the pitch and roll axes, so it will never bump into the frame, or have its stabilization algorithms otherwise compromised.


COLOR (Motors are always black):
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